Arabize offers professional MT services for all types of texts, documents, and websites from Arabic to English and vice versa. We provide you with high-quality MT output tailored right to your specific needs and industry requirements.

Why Machine Translation?

Though Machine Translation (MT) is not an alternative to human translation, it still is a fast and economical choice with benefits that include:

  • Translating large volumes of content
  • Reducing translation time for tight deadlines
  • Lowering translation costs for tight budgets

As part of our MT solutions, we also offer a range of MT-related services including:


Pre-editing is a necessary stage for successful use of MT. In this process, input text is adjusted before automatically translating it in order to optimize the source language content and reduce the work required in the post-editing process.

Pre-editing involves different types of tasks:

  • Ensuring term consistency and that source text is written with fixed rules
  • Removing typos and spelling mistakes
  • Handling any format issues
  • Tagging non-translatable elements
  • Resolving ambiguities and complex syntactic structures in the source text
  • Regenerating scanned PDF, JPG or other files into files with editable text

Post Editing

Achieving the best results of MT requires managing the translation output through post-editing. In this process, translation output is reviewed and corrected by our professional post-editors to bring it up to the required quality standards.

The level of output post-editing is determined by the evaluation of output and the quality level required by the client. Typically, there are two level of post-editing:

  • Light Post-editing

It involves minimal proofreading and editing to ensure that the translated text is grammatically correct and understandable. The goal of light post-editing is to make sure that the meaning of source text is well conveyed and that the translation is free of critical errors.

  • Full Post-editing

It involves in-depth editing to correct less obvious errors and ensure that the style is appropriate and terminology is correct and consistent. The goal of full post-editing is to make sure that the translation is of the same quality of the source text using appropriate idioms and cultural references.